Telecom Cup: An initiative of Q Mobile and all telecom companies


Q Mobile has taken an initiative to support the sports at an extremely high level.

Q Mobile is one of the Pakistan’s most popular smartphone brands and the supporter of Cricket and the other sports for the country, at the International level for the sake of the country.

The initiative taken by the QMobile is extremely high that everyone can’t take such kind of the initiatives.

The theme of the initiative:

QMobile is following the theme of relaxation of the employees as in this world of tougher corporate routines, where the routines are becoming more tougher, employees should not miss the sports related incentives so that they could show case their athletic skills to relax.

For the relaxation of the employees,  QMobile has collaborated with PTA & Sportsfever360 and decided to initiate a concept for the industry-based sports.

Telecom Cup

QMobile has partnered with PTA & Sportsfever360 and has launched. Telecom Cup in Islamabad to begin this initiative. The Telecom Cup Islamabad includes all telecom companies as such Mobilink,  TelenorPTCL,  UFONE, Zong,  Witribe,  Vetracom, and Nayatel. PTA along with some other have been earlier requested to send their teams.

Here are the other key brands that will be supporting the initiative:

Pathfinder Group



Keenu Pakistan

FM91 Pakistan

Muhammad Wasim Cricket Academy and Scoreline Asia

Sources report that this Telecom Cup will start working with its aim of relieving the employees from 24th September, Islamabad is the place selected for this purpose.

League based matches will be played at various grounds in Islamabad / Rawalpindi.

The opening ceremony of the event is to be held on 23rd September this year.

QMobile’s official Facebook page is referred to you for any kind of details.

To have the schedule for the 1st Telecom Cup along with the other related details, must stay tuned with nutmeg,  here we will be sharing the details you require within the two weeks.


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