Telenor is making preparations to launch 5G in Pakistan

Telenor is making preparations to launch 5G in Pakistan
Telenor is making preparations to launch 5G in Pakistan

So the world is looking set and ready to move in to the next era of Network Technology with the introduction of 5G. In that regard Telenor Pakistan and its network partners have started making preparations to make the network 5G ready to pass on the benefits of this transformative technology to the people of Pakistan in the years to come and well Pakistani’s will be more than happy to have a share of this pie.

Moreover, 5G is the fifth-generation cellular network technology which is set to offer much more speedy and efficient transfer speeds and the new technology will allow advanced solutions such as smart homes, smart cities, autonomous driving, automated emergency services, remote medical diagnosis, smart manufacturing, cloud gaming, and enhanced content& media experiences, all of these new experiences and scenarios will be on the fingertips of the user, the new technology will open an array of possibilities. Telenor Pakistan has always been the number one networkin the country to provide state of the art network technology to its users and as the front runner of innovation and digital transformation in the country. Today, the company have announced Pakistan’s  first and only 4.5G network and takes the lead with such industry-first initiatives as IoT, Cloud Services, and overall digital ecosystem development comprising innovative solutions for gaming, entertainment, and 3G/4G devices portfolio, etc.

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Telenor Pakistan have taken the first step towards progress in the 5G department and last year by beginning the evolution of its network core from legacy architecture to the state-of-the-art virtualized hybrid core, in other words the company have been preparing for quite some time now and well the company will take full advantage of the spotlight. The latest development will now move Telenor Pakistan one step closer to the successful launch of the upcoming 5G trials to in turn show the People what the new technology is capable of and how it will revolutionize the country. The Chief Executive Officer Telenor Pakistan and Head of Telenor Emerging Asia Cluster, Irfan Wahab Khan has been reported to have stated that  “As Pakistan gears up for future technologies that will be integrated into governance, businesses and people’s lives, the role of 5G becomes imperative,” he further added that  “With this latest step towards digitalization and network transformation, Telenor Pakistan is opening up new possibilities for millions of Pakistanis who will be the actual winners in the development. We look forward to continued government support as a digitalization partner for adequate spectrum allocation for adoption and penetration of 5G over the next few years.”

Telenor Pakistan, is one of the few companies who are driven by its vision of empowering societies and the company have for long taken initiatives for  groundbreaking innovation which is put in place to lead Pakistan towards a digital economy. Connectivity and data being the enablers that empower people, If the company can pull this off, the company will go down in history as the enterprise that completely revolutionised the country in terms of Technology.



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