Telenor Velocity has asked for to summary one other quarter of uses once more. Telenor speed has expanded its due date time to 30th of august at this point.

While having a word with the NetMag the Telenor Velocity said that:

“Because of expanded Eid occasions, a ton of the trying new businesses were not able meet Telenor Velocity’s application due date for Cohort 2. Over the most recent couple of days, startup originators from everywhere throughout the nation have been connecting with Telenor Velocity, asking for to amplify the accommodation date”

Telenor Velocity Method of applying for the second cohort

The enlistment for the second partner of Telenor speed is currently open!

The group that is enlisting ought to for must have a trendy person, a hacker and a programmer in them.

The item ought to be of least practical item organize.

Finally however not the minimum you ought to have the capacity to exhibit the venture potential in your item.

What is Telenor speed?

Early this year, in the time of February, Telenor quickened the new businesses for the improvement of the economy.

The primary companion is still in advance that started at the time of walk 2016. A portion of the new businesses that it included was:







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