Elon Musk, the Chief Executive (CEO) of Tesla and the richest person in the world, has succeeded in sealing a $44 billion deal for Tesla to acquire the social media giant Twitter, in a deal that valued Twitter at nearly $150 billion.

It is worth mentioning that after taking over the company, Vijaya Gadde sacked three top executives as well as several other employees, including its CEO, Parag Agrawal, and Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Ned Segal.

Additionally, according to the reports, Twitter’s general counsel, Sean Edgett, has also been removed from his position, as reported by a number of sources. While Musk and Twitter have not yet confirmed the firing spree, they have neither denied it nor denied it.

After posting a video clip of himself carrying a sink inside his recently acquired company’s headquarters, Musk, who is often known for his sarcastic and humorous tweets, wrote, “Let that sink in,” after posting the video clip on Twitter.

In the context of Musk’s stance as an advocate of free speech, it is important to note that Musk has criticized Twitter for its restrictions as well as its moderation rules, in addition to his pro-free speech stance.

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There has been some controversy over the fact that he offered to restore the account of former US President Donald Trump, which was suspended after the US Capitol riots for promoting violence.

A few days ago, he made a claim that the greatest strength of Twitter is its ability to support citizen journalism, allowing users to share news without the bias of the establishment.

His Message for Advertisers

Earlier this week, Tesla CEO Elon Musk posted a message for advertisers in which he said he was taking over Twitter since he firmly believes that a shared digital platform is crucial to the future of civilization.

According to him, the traditional media is becoming more polarized and partisan as a way to make more profit, and in doing so, they lose the opportunity to have a constructive conversation and more profitable relations with their audience.

He emphasized, however, that he doesn’t want the social media juggernaut to turn into a “free-for-all hellscape,” suggesting that both individuals and organisations should find the platform welcoming.


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