Tesla coming to Pakistan?

Tesla model 3

Javed Afridi, the 35-year-old owner of a large group of companies including JW Park Motors and Morris Garages (MG) Pakistan, MG a company whose rights in Pakistan were recently acquired by the big man has once again sent the twitterati in to a frenzy. The man just made a simple yet craze worthy tweet on Twitter which read “Tesla in Pakistan?” yesterday and man in Pakistan are left excited by this simple tweet. 

Javed Afridi is by far the most influential local figures and he himself is a big fan of the idea of the Electric Vehicle (EV) policy in Pakistan and has always been expressed his view regarding the fact that more and more people need to be informed about the benefits of this technology. It is worth noting that the recently launched MG lineup in Pakistan also features an EV model, the ZS EV, although it is yet to be formally launched in the premises of Pakistan. 

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His recent tweet is quite interesting as it falls in line with the EV policy in place and the reports that suggest the upcoming renewal of the Auto Development Policy, Tesla’s arrival in Pakistan seems all the more possible and well people in Pakistan will warmly welcome the addition too. Tesla is one company that has over the years developed a very huge and significant presence in the world market and only recently, Tesla announced that they will be setting up a manufacturing plant in the our neighborhood country, India. The famous automobile company is also known for providing a state of the art charging station network and the latest over-the-air updates for their cars in each and every market where they have a shop in. 

Now as good as the Tesla’s proposition may sound and the amazing vehicles that the company will bring with it, it should be noted that Tesla is a company who are not known for providing the cheapest Electronic Vehicles in the market. Their most inexpensive car, namely the, Tesla Model 3, starts a price of around $40,000, which makes it one of the more expensive options in any market, especially one in which $1 equates to over 160 Rs/-. There are also more variables which need to be taken in to account regarding this development and jumping to any conclusions in this early stage, where only a tweet has been made will not be the wisest of decisions but the proposition does strike you at your heart. Nonetheless, we shall keep you updated regarding any developments. 


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