Tesla has introduced the ‘S3XY Time Glow Clock,’ an innovative product merging a clock with a versatile display screen. Drawing inspiration from the classic glow clock design, this timepiece features six IPS color screens encased in quartz glass covers. The clock’s base, crafted from aluminum alloy, encompasses a speaker and a Type-C port.

At the top of the clock, a convenient control button facilitates easy operation. In terms of dimensions, it spans 204mm in length, 68mm in width, and 70mm in height, with a weight of 475 grams. The S3XY Time Glow Clock includes six pre-installed digital dial sets, with the option to customize five of them. Users can personalize their clock face by uploading their own images. In static picture mode, the clock supports two sets of 12 (6×2) custom images and enables audio playback.


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Equipped with a high-precision RTC clock chip, the clock ensures accurate timekeeping through Wi-Fi network timing. Notably, it boasts a built-in dynamic screensaver mode and an independent CODEC audio decoding chip supporting 24-bit high-quality audio output.

Priced at 839 yuan (approximately $120) in China, the Tesla S3XY Time Glow Clock offers a blend of functionality and personalization for consumers seeking a distinctive addition to their homes.


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