In the third quarter of this year, car manufacturing giant Tesla ended up selling 241,300 cars. This refers to a figure of 102,000 more than it managed in the same time last year. Of course when compared with the likes of GM, this represents slightly more than half of the 446,997 cars that it sold in the last three months, but it is also important to consider that these stats refer to the fact that GM witnessed a steep 33% decline.

The fact that Tesla is thriving while other car manufacturers are struggling doesn’t come as too big of a surprise though when you consider all the details. Indeed while other car manufacturers have surely felt the burnt of the global chip shortage that has continued to make the news in the more recent times, Tesla has actually begun with the process of sourcing different silicon – in accordance with what the Verge states. It has also started to rewrite its very own software in order to work with other components.

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In addition to all this, the company only recently started to sell its popular Model Y in Europe and it’s relatively new in the Chinese market as well, therefore making sure that there is still plenty of room for growth.

Of course this is not at all to say that things are all great for Tesla though. Indeed at the current moment in time, the company actually is facing investigation by the National Transportation Safety board in the US. And it happens to be only a couple of months since it has been removed from a rather massive recall of nearly 300,000 vehicles from China. Also of course is important to consider the fact that many of the company’s vehicles are actually facing prolonged delays as well.


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