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That’s how Struggle has lead No. 8 ranked team of ICC to victory!

22nd Ramadhan, again brought the news of Pakistan’s victory like that of 1992, when Pakistan beat the England winning the Cricket World Cup. This time Pakistan beat India, its traditional competitor in ICC Champions trophy.

Without going into the details of the scores and wickets, I am here, only to share the celebrations of the victory of Pakistan,  all around the world where ever Pakistanis are going through our NetMag.

On this pleasing occasion of ICC, I can’t forget the tragic beat of Pakistan in 2015.  Which caused lot many suicides of the Pakistani youngsters in addition to the heart attacks and high blood pressure of so many people,  so terrible to remember the truth of this blessed time.

But let me turn the page of memories and write more in the history of crickets celebrations.

Pakistanis,  not only in Pakistan but also in all around the world are celebrating the blessing of its victory by voicing the slogans of “Pakistan Zinda Baad”. After a long time of prayers,  especially the prayers of our mothers and the sweet but crazy kids about the victory of Pakistan,  we are celebrating the good news by devising the sweets in our fellow citizens and by performing Nawafil to thank Allah for this blessing.

According to reports,  before the declaration of Pakistan’s victory,  all the Indians were seen to be motionless and sick of the fact that was predictable with Pakistan’s jaw-dropping batting.

I always think something beyond the thing that everyone is thinking upon. Let’s join minds and just imagine the people gone out of the stadium before India gets beaten, have taken sleeping pills and enjoying deep slumber out of the mental torcher they received all the day.

Think of that full painted face now washed away with the tears it consumed all the night because the paint was too much to let it go. What about the jolly guy had set a bet to arrange a burger party to celebrate the beat of Pakistan?

Don’t laugh too loud to imagine the clinics full of the patients belonging all the ages and all the classes but all of them are been diagnosed the same diseases namely,

“Unpredicted plague outcome of the Pakistani cricket team’s unpredicted performance in London’s Oval ground at ICC “.
Saba Imran
Saba Imran
Saba is a passionate and versatile writer of NetMag's blog and Magazine. She is known for her great research based articles which are more often concluding the depths of insights of ICT in Pakistan and globally as well.


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