The 3rd spot for leading market shareholders now belongs to Xiaomi

Xiaomi goes on to sue the US government over Military blacklist row

Xiaomi just launched their flagship smartphone of the year, the all new Mi 11 at a launch event. At the same launch event the Chinese giants also revealed to the world their detailed its progress over the last few years. The company were thrilled to announce that they had become the 3rd largest Smartphone maker in the world and has now the honour of becoming the number 1 brand, in terms of sales in as many as 10 markets. In addition, it has also made a place in the list of top 3 smartphone manufacturers in 36 markets all over the globe.
A spokesperson for Xiaomi, used this opportunity to announce that Xiaomi is in fact the fastest-growing brand in the high-end segment and has seen a impressive 3,639% growth year on year in Q3 2020, as per the statistics provided by Canalys data for the $500+ segment. The Chinese giants also revealed how from Q4 2019 to Q3 2020, Xiaomi has invested $1.3 billion in the research and development department of the company. The investment is now gradually paying off and the company forsee more sucessful years in the future. Initially, it took 3-4 days to conduct 2,143 camera tests but now, the process is fully automated and it only takes one single day to carry out the needed tests, which is a huge boost for the company.
As far as its premium Smartphones are concerned, the Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro stayed on top of the DxOMark camera ranking for 48 days and the Mi 10 Ultra was on top for nearly two and a half months. The company’s audio lab also celebrated success as the Mi 10 Pro was termed as the best phone in the DxO Audio tests a significant part of 2020. Meanwhile, Xiaomi’s offshoot Redmi is also doing a great job. Redmi’s Note series has sold more than 200 million units all over the globe which is an outstanding achievement on part of the company. The company has revealed their plans on investing more in the research and development department and say that creating more labs is on the agenda, and these labs shall work towards improving 5G connectivity, displays, phone’s stability, and more.


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