In a groundbreaking move, the Competition Commission of Pakistan (CCP) has granted approval for the acquisition of Coca-Cola (Pakistan) in a phase-1 review, aligning with the Competition Act of 2010 and the Competition (Merger Control) Regulations of 2016. This acquisition is a significant development in the beverage industry and holds great potential for both the Pakistani economy and international investors.

The Competition Commission of Pakistan (CCP)

The CCP is a regulatory authority responsible for enforcing competition laws and ensuring a competitive market environment in Pakistan. Its primary goal is to promote economic efficiency and protect consumers’ interests.

Coca-Cola’s Acquisition of Coca-Cola (Pakistan)

Coca-Cola İçecek, a Turkish-based company, has acquired a substantial 49.67 percent shareholding of Coca-Cola (Pakistan) through CCI International Holand, one of its subsidiaries. This acquisition was made from Atlantic Industries, and it involved a total transaction consideration of $300 million. As a result of this acquisition, Coca-Cola Turkey will gain the majority of shareholding in Coca-Cola (Pakistan), along with management control.

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The Financial Transaction

This substantial investment of $300 million is indicative of the confidence Coca-Cola İçecek has in the Pakistani economy. It is a clear signal that Pakistan holds the potential for above-average returns on capital for international investors. This infusion of capital can lead to further development and growth within the Pakistani beverage industry.

Confidence in the Pakistani Economy

The statement issued by the CCP highlights the immense confidence that international investors, like Coca-Cola İçecek, have in the Pakistani economy. This acquisition is a testament to the potential and opportunities that Pakistan presents, making it an attractive destination for foreign investments. The country’s strategic location, growing consumer base, and economic reforms make it a viable choice for such investments.

Streamlining Mergers and Acquisitions

The Chairman and Mergers team at the CCP have played a pivotal role in streamlining the merger system and process. This has significantly expedited the applications for mergers and acquisitions, creating a more investor-friendly environment. The efficient and transparent process ensures that international investors can easily navigate the regulatory landscape in Pakistan.


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