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“The Actual Cause Behind PTV Sports’ Non-Broadcast of Pakistan vs. Australia Test”.

PTV Sports, the government-owned sports channel in Pakistan, faced a setback in broadcasting the 2nd Test match between Pakistan and Australia due to the presence of advertisements for surrogate betting companies at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG). Reports indicate that the Government of Pakistan has issued strict directives prohibiting local channels from airing advertisements for such betting entities.
This development comes after continuously displaying logos from at least two betting companies during the first Test match in Perth. Notably, this is the first instance where viewers cannot watch a live cricket match involving Pakistan on PTV Sports, a situation unprecedented in the channel’s history.

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PTV Sports is recognized for broadcasting all international matches of Pakistan cricket and holds an official broadcasting partnership with the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB). However, due to the advertising issue, viewers seeking an alternative can tune in to Ten Sports, which is currently broadcasting the live 2nd Test between Pakistan and Australia.
The move has sparked a division among fans, with some insisting that PTV Sports should broadcast all matches regardless, while others express support for the ban on promoting betting companies.


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