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The Apple Books app’s AI read-aloud aims to expand audiobooks, not steal human jobs

Throughout its latest update to its support documentation, Apple has made it clear that it is not intending to take away the jobs of human readers with the introduction of AI-read aloud audiobooks within the Apple Books app, but rather to expand the application’s capabilities.

It is stated in Apple’s official support documentation that more and more book lovers are listening to audiobooks, but only a small percentage of books are being converted into audiobooks, which leads to millions of books being inaccessible because they couldn’t be converted into audiobooks. A large number of creators, especially independent creators and part-time creators associated with small publishers, are not able to create more audiobooks as a result of the cost and complexity associated with production.”

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It has been stated in Apple’s support documentation that this new digital narration technology will make it easier for everyone to create audiobooks and meet the growing demand for audiobooks by providing listeners with a greater selection of books.

As a complement to professionally recorded human audiobooks, digital narration content helps to expand the range of audiobooks and to make them more accessible to a wider audience,” Apple said in a statement. As a result, Apple Books continues to be focused on expanding the scale of human audiobooks, but in a way that will be able to help the development of AI in the process.”

According to Apple’s support documentation, there are currently two artificial intelligence generated voices on the device. A female voice named Madison speaks American English, while a male voice named Jackson speaks American English, and both voices have the same accent.


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