The #Appletoo Movement

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A group of current as well as former Apple employees have recently banded together and have called upon for colleagues to share their stories of discrimination, harassment and retaliation they have actually experienced within the company. As of 27th of August, the group which goes by the name of #Appletoo has claimed that it has collected 500 such stories and now it has begun the process of publishing them on the official medium page. Cher Scarlett, who happens to be an Apple security manager, ended up writing on the medium that she will share five stories at one particular time “as the emotional toll in reading these is heavy.

Two of the first five are concerning sexual harassment – one of which actually involved a male boss using his position of power of the employee. Later, that particular employee then was subject to being kicked out of an interview after the hiring team actually realized who she was. Another story then made its way from a black retail worker based in the UK who tried to get their bosses to work over cases of racism as well as micro aggressions in the workplace – both of which ended up with no avail. A female employee ended up talking about her experience and how she was actually targeted by a person which was within her team and how the management did absolutely nothing about it. The last story there was about an employee who actually was assaulted within her store by a customer – but there wasn’t any support from the management.

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These cases which have been published can indeed end up with Apple getting into a whole lot of trouble. The company, in the more recent times, has seen its fair share of legal cases, most of whom actually involve patents and whatnot, and it’s very likely that with regards to these latest revelations, more legal trouble will be coming Apple’s way.


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