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The Asus 22.5W gallium nitride charger is priced at RMB 59 at launch

The new 22.5W gallium nitride charger will be available on December 12, the first RMB 59, and sends a 100W USB-CtoC data cable.

In the introduction to the product, it is stated that the charger weighs only 44g, has a 90-degree folding pin design, and is therefore easy to carry around.

As far as appearance is concerned, the charger is available in three different colors: cloud white, petal pink, and matcha green.

Asus has just released their new 22.5W GaN charger which measures 32.5mm32.5mm32.5mm, supports PD, QC, PPS, and other charging protocols, as well as supporting a single USB-C interface, as well as supporting 5V3A, 9V2.22A, 10V2.25A, and 12V1.67A output, with a power output of up to 22.5W.

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