There is always something new and interesting in Tesla Christmas update, and this year is no exception, and the previously mentioned Apple Music and Zoom meeting functions have also appeared in this 2022.44.25 version update (restricted area) that everyone should take a look at.

The Autopilot will show Rainbow Road when enabled in Tesla 2022.44.25 Overseas

Users have released the contents of Tesla’s annual Christmas update package that was released this year to coincide with the holiday season. There is a new update package available for the vehicle software version 2022.44.25. Please refer to the following release notes for more information:

  1. Automatic turn signal

The turn signal turns off automatically when changing lanes, overtaking or turning completed.

  1. Rainbow Road

When Autopilot is on, the driving screen will show Rainbow Road, which needs to be manually enabled in the treasure chest.

  1. Remote emission test mode

Tesla has launched a “fart” sound, which can be activated through version 4.15.0 of the Tesla App.

  1. Contact lookup and check phone call forwarding

For privacy reasons, the vehicle asks for confirmation of call transfer before connecting a phone call to the vehicle audio; it is also possible to search for contacts directly from the connected Bluetooth device.

  1. Air conditioner wind speed control update

Automatic temperature control, which was automatically disarmed when adjusting fan speed, now remains automatic and allows selection of the desired fan speed.

  1. Remote preset light show

Updated functionality for pre-set light shows, up to 10 minutes in advance, and the ability to run a light show on multiple Tesla vehicles at the same time to enhance the festive mood.

  1. Pet mode update

You can check in real time whether the pets left in the car are safe through the camera in the car. After enabling Pet Mode or Monitor Mode, you can check the interior of the car through the Tesla App.

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  1. Navigation icon update

Improved map legibility on touch screens. Directions have also been redesigned to highlight the next direction of travel. Next-turn and lane guidance will appear at the top of the screen, while information like estimated travel times and costs have been moved to the bottom.

  1. Media Control Update

The location of the in-display media controls has been moved closer to the driver’s seat for easier access for the driver. Swipe up to access Favorites & Recents and Sources. Swipe left or right to view odometer and tire pressure information as well.


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