Pakistan has witnessed another sit-in in a space of a few years and this has affected not only the political situation in Pakistan, leading to a lot of unrest but also the business culture of Pakistan, which itself is already very vulnerable and volatile considering how dramatically circumstances change in Pakistan without the political parties aiming for a peaceful resolve. This time it is JUI-F led by Maulana Fazl-Ur-Rehman who has demanded the resignation of the PM. People of numerous businesses have stated how this is affecting the business in Pakistan.

This is bad news for the economy and the business. The opposition parties may have planned to confine their protests in the capital for the moment but you never know when they decide to spread out to other cities

One from Faislabad added

Political volatility always imposes hefty tangible and intangible costs on the economy. The government has impounded hundreds of shipping containers at the expense of exports to block roads in Islamabad and other cities. Our buyers are worried about the possible disruptions in the timely shipment of their orders. There is a kind of uncertainty, which is very bad for the already poor business environment in the country. The long-term cost of the protests is much harder to quantify but my bigger concern is more to do with Pakistan’s image as a stable business environment.

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A textile exporter from Sialkot also had disappointing views on the march

In addition to the quantifiable damage such events cause, the economy suffers huge long-term intangible losses in the form of business uncertainty these always lead to.

Every time such things happen, Pakistan’s image among our foreign buyers as a politically stable country and a reliable supplier suffers, making them turn to other countries for their orders even if they have to pay a higher price for the same product,” a textile exporter from Sialkot emphasised.

All the while Maulana has been claiming how economy has deterred under the PTI government, oblivious to the fact that his own actions are making it far worse. He himself stated

The economy is sinking, factories are being shut and traders are in distress.We have to save the country, save the economy of this country

Ironic, isn’t it?


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