In contrast with the Supreme Court’s decision to declare Bahria Town Karachi illegal, various banks have already began the embargo, which means that the banks have stopped accepting the utility bills and the installments of the various plots, bungalows and the residential units which come in to the bracket of the said project.

Moreoverthe recent developments are what we think biggest setback to the establishmentof Bahria Town, the Enterprise has ever suffered and it has been reported thatbanks have officially stopped accepting payments for the Bahria Town account.Moreover not only have the banks stopped accepting installments for the accountbut they are also refusing to collect the utility bills that fall in that area,creating difficulty and confusion for the various people who have investedtheir money or lifestyle in the project! Bahria Town had officially authorizedtwo banks to deal with the payments of the project, one which was conventionalbank and the other that supported the Islamic banking state of mind.

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A spokes person on the behalf of the Islamic bank came out and stated that after the decision taken by the supreme court against the mentioned project, the bank has stopped accepting any installments of plots, and of any other related property that falls in that area, but to your surprise he also mentioned that no court orders released said anything of blocking the payments for the utility bills. In yet again another development the Board of Revenue held a meeting in which they decided to cancel the allotment of land to the Malir Development Authority (MDA).  Moreover the document released by the Supreme court showed that the so called meeting was held on the 29th of October 2018 to discuss the matters of theapex court’s order regarding the Bahria Town project!

The Bahria Town Karachi Project has been declared Illegal

Furthermore the meeting was chaired under the senior management of a member of the Board of Revenue, Secretary of Land Utilization, Secretary Local Government, Director General MDA and the Deputy Commissioner Malir. Moreover of the central aims of the meeting was to provide the names of the government officials who were involved in the allotment of the land to Bahria Town, to the supreme court so that these corrupt officials could be brought to justice. The same meeting also decided to withdraw the order to allot the land to MDA and hand over the same land to the Board of Revenue, Sindh. Finally the Revenue department also withdrew their allotment order to hand over the 14,617 acres of land to MDA on January 24, 2014 and to also revoke the 11,068 acres of land to Bahria Town.


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