The BOE-Samsung OLED panel deal has been canceled

The BOE-Samsung OLED panel deal has been canceled
The BOE-Samsung OLED panel deal has been canceled

A Korean technology giant, Samsung, has been buying OLED and LCD panels made directly by China’s BOE supplier for a number of years now. There was no problem in making the deal and it was a nice time for both parties. Several cell phone manufacturers and TV manufacturers have used the panels that the BOE has provided as part of their products. It has been reported that according to the latest information, Samsung is no longer interested in purchasing the OLED panels that the BOE has provided to the company. The agreement that has been made between the two companies is expected to be cancelled starting in the year 2023, as reported by the media.

Samsung has removed BOE from its official supplier list, according to a list that TheElec acquired. This means the corporation will not be able to purchase goods from the Chinese manufacturer in the future. The reason for this is due to recent problems that BOE has been having with payments for royalties. BOE refused to pay Samsung any royalties for using Samsung’s name in its marketing, according to reports that the South Korean company had asked them to do so. Samsung has since stopped purchasing as many display panels from BOE.

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In addition to the panels supplied by the BOE, Samsung has used them in their smartphones and other products as well. Now that the brand has released the official list of its suppliers, it has been revealed that BOE will no longer be included in the list of suppliers for displays. Having changed the deal between BOE and Samsung in the recent past, the brand will now opt to purchase the displays from CSOT or LG Display because of the changes in the deal between BOE and Samsung. In the meantime, we are still awaiting more official information regarding Samsung’s move in this regard.

It is becoming increasingly difficult for many businesses, from Apple to Samsung, to rely on Chinese suppliers due to the geopolitical instability surrounding the country. There have been recent reports that Apple no longer purchases NAND chips from the Chinese government-funded company YMTC, which was previously the supplier of those chips.

SK Hynix and Samsung are going to supply the business with NAND chips instead of the business purchasing its own. As another example, we can look at Samsung and BOE’s most recent contract that was signed in January.


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