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The Capital Development Authority’s (CDA) Plot Auction: A Game of Millions

The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has been making headlines with its ongoing plot auction, and it’s not just the real estate enthusiasts who are keenly following the developments. In this article, we will delve into the details of this high-stakes auction, which has been making waves for its record-breaking sales and the immense revenue it’s generating for the CDA.

Day 1: The Bidding Begins

On the first day of the auction, the CDA kicked off the proceedings with a sense of anticipation in the air. With 15 plots up for grabs, the auction was bound to be a showstopper. Plot No. 1 in Sector F-6/4 was the star of the day, fetching a whopping Rs. 44.35 million. This set the tone for what was to come.

Day 2: An Impressive Start

The second day of the auction saw the CDA selling an additional seven plots, pushing the total tally to eight plots sold within the first two days. The total earnings for these two days amounted to a staggering Rs. 10.94 billion. Plot No. 8 in the Blue Area stole the limelight as the most expensive plot in the auction, selling for a jaw-dropping Rs. 4.45 billion.

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Day 3: Hitting New Heights

The auction’s momentum continued to rise on the third day, as the CDA added seven more plots to the sold list. The total earnings surged to Rs. 11.282 billion, and Plot No. 6 in Sector F-6/4 took the top spot, attracting an impressive amount of Rs. 47.026 million. The fervor among bidders was undeniable, and the auction was clearly becoming a hotbed of real estate transactions.

The Star Plots

  1. Plot No. 1: Sold for Rs. 44.35 million.
  2. Plot No. 2: Sold for Rs. 24.847 million.
  3. Plot No. 3: Sold for Rs. 27.34 million.
  4. Plot No. 4: Sold for Rs. 31.01 million.
  5. Plot No. 5: Sold for Rs. 40.52 million.

A Unique Plot

In a unique turn of events, a plot in Sector F-8/4, designated for a fruit, vegetable, and meat shop, also made its way to the auction. This plot garnered a significant sum of Rs. 42.106 million during the bidding process. The diversity in the types of plots available for auction added an exciting dimension to the event.

The Grand Finale

As the CDA’s plot auction entered its fourth and final day, all eyes were on the remaining plots. With the total earnings already crossing the 11-billion mark, expectations were running high. The real estate market was abuzz with predictions about the grand finale and which plot would emerge as the day’s champion.


The Capital Development Authority’s plot auction has taken Islamabad by storm. With record-breaking sales and billions pouring into the CDA’s coffers, it’s a testament to the booming real estate market in the city. The auction has not only been a financial success but has also added a new layer of excitement to the real estate scene in Islamabad.


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