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The Chip Unit of Sony offers full remote work to attract quality talent

In an effort to attract and retain talent in priority areas such as software development and artificial intelligence, Sony Semiconductor Solutions, a subsidiary of Sony Group, is taking steps to attract and retain talent in those fields. A full remote work option has been announced by the company to enable mid-career hires to achieve this goal. Currently, the company is looking for 10 to 20 engineers to work remotely on edge AI models. Recruitment is currently underway for 11 positions in the areas of AI model quality control, cloud technology development, and imaging processing technology required for edge AI applications.

As a supplier of semiconductor components, Sony is aligning its business model as a semiconductor company beyond just being a component supplier by introducing the full remote work option. A majority of the earnings of this division come from image sensors that go into Apple’s iPhones and other devices that have cameras. However, Sony is attempting to expand it reach by introducing the AITRIOS platform in a bid to expand its reach. The purpose of this platform is to study an environment and provide ways to improve its efficiencies by using cameras equipped with Sony chips and AI processing to study the environment.

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In November, Sony released the AITRIOS platform for use by large organizations that want to use it with existing IT infrastructures in Japan and the US, and Sony started offering the platform for use by companies in both countries in January. Due to the fact that AITRIOS transmits only metadata to the cloud, instead of actual images, Sony is able to develop applications for the platform by combining expertise in advanced artificial intelligence and cloud engineering.

Sony currently only offers full remote work options within its semiconductor division, but as competition for tech talent increases worldwide, Sony may expand its remote work options to other parts of the company as they try to catch up with their competitors. It is with the purpose of attracting talent that will enable the expansion of the company’s business beyond its current offering that Sony Semiconductor Solutions is taking this step to cast a wider net and attract the right talent.

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