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The cost of gold in Pakistan witnessed a significant increase of Rs. 6,350 per tola during the past week.

In recent times, the price of gold in Pakistan has been a subject of great interest and concern among investors, traders, and the general public. This article delves into the fluctuations in gold prices and the introduction of a new pricing formula aimed at bringing uniformity in gold prices across the country.


The allure of gold, often referred to as the “yellow metal,” has been timeless. It has not only been a symbol of wealth and prosperity but also a popular investment choice. In Pakistan, like many other countries, gold holds a special place in the hearts and wallets of its people. Over the past week, the price of gold in Pakistan experienced some noteworthy changes that caught the attention of many.

The Price of Gold in Pakistan

Data from APGJA

According to the data released by the All-Pakistan Gems and Jewellers Association (APGJA), the price of gold (24 carats) went down by Rs. 150 per tola to Rs. 208,350 while the price of 10 grams dropped by Rs. 129 to Rs. 178,626 on Saturday.

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Fluctuations in Gold Prices

The week started with a decline of Rs. 1,900 per tola on Monday, which left traders unsure about the new pricing mechanism. Tuesday saw a pause in rate updates, but on Wednesday, the price shot up by Rs. 6,400 per tola. However, Thursday witnessed a slight decline as the price dropped by Rs. 200 per tola. The roller-coaster continued on Friday with a surge of Rs. 2,200 per tola. Despite the slight decline on Saturday, cumulatively, the price of the precious metal rose by Rs. 6,350 per tola during the week.

The New Pricing Formula

It is pertinent to mention here that gold traders in Pakistan have adopted a new pricing formula for gold based on interbank trading.

The Premium on International Prices

Under the new formula, a premium of $20 will be charged on international prices, and for the calculation of the price, the interbank rate of the US dollar will be used. This pricing approach is expected to bring transparency and stability to the gold market in Pakistan.

Uniformity in Gold Prices

The primary aim of this new pricing mechanism is to bring uniformity in the price of gold across the country. This will not only benefit consumers but also the traders who can operate with greater predictability in the market. With the fluctuating prices, having a consistent and fair pricing system is a significant step forward.

Factors Affecting Gold Prices

Gold prices are influenced by a multitude of factors, both internal and external. Some of the key drivers include international economic conditions, currency exchange rates, geopolitical events, and supply and demand dynamics. Any change in these factors can lead to rapid fluctuations in gold prices.

Impact on the Economy

The price of gold in Pakistan is closely watched by economists as it can be an indicator of the economic health of the country. A rising gold price may signal uncertainty in financial markets and could lead to increased investment in gold as a safe haven.

Gold as an Investment

For many, gold is not just a beautiful ornament but also a valuable investment. With the recent changes in gold prices, it’s an opportune time for investors to reconsider their portfolios. Buying gold can be a hedge against inflation and currency depreciation.


The recent fluctuations in the price of gold in Pakistan, coupled with the introduction of a new pricing formula, have brought significant attention to the gold market in the country. These changes are expected to create a more stable and transparent environment for gold trading. Investors and consumers alike are keeping a close eye on how these changes will impact their financial decisions.


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