The curious case of being asymptomatic : have you already contracted coronavirus?

conspiracy theory of coronavirus

The coronavirus is still at large all across the globe, as the cases of people coming up with Covd-19 are continually on the rise. While much hope has been given with respect to successful vaccine trials being carried out in the more recent times, there still is some confusion as to how the vaccine program will be implemented and of course as one would imagine, more complications are only likely to follow through.

Nonetheless, Covd-19 has been a menace all across the globe and has claimed the lives of thousands of people all over. Pakistan unfortunately hasn’t been exempt of such consequences either, and while the cases in the country are not as many in terms of sheer numbers when compared to the likes of the United States or India, the problems is still a recurring one.

Even in Pakistan, there have been thousands of cases – and this is only with respect to what we know. There could be many more cases potentially – and in all likelihood, one would have to imagine that this is in fact the case. Then pegs the question : could you have had Covd-19 and not even realized it? Such a case is indeed very possible! In fact, many people have contracted the virus and don’t even know – such is the curious case of asymptomatic individuals. Regardless, here we shall look at some of the signs that might end up indicating that you too have had the virus without even knowing.

Reduced or loss of sense of taste and smell

Many people who have had the virus have reported a loss of their taste and smell as a result of it. The symptom is one which accompanies really mild cases, however, remains to be a rather popular one amongst those that have contracted the virus. For now, while it isn’t exactly fully understood why some people experience a loss in taste and smell due to the virus, it is thought that the problem goes away no more than six weeks.

Reduced appetite

If over the course of the past few weeks or past few months you’ve experienced reduced appetite, it is quite possible that you’ve contracted the virus. If the loss of appetite is accompanied by a loss of taste and smell, then the whole process of wanting to eat or drink something can become quite difficult. It is nonetheless advised in such situations that the individual should drink plenty of fluids in such times so as to help the body combat the virus and also minimize the symptoms.

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Due to the fact that the coronavirus is a vital infection of the upper respiratory tract, things such as coughing as well as a sore throat and breathlessness can be very reoccurring as symptoms. Of course while the most common symptom that presents itself with respect to the virus is indeed dry cough, if you are experiencing problems breathing or have done in the past – especially when you’re at rest, then there is a good chance that you’ve had the virus or possibly have it. 

Tiredness and fatigue

When the body is fighting any virus, it tends to use up energy. Many people tend to ignore such symptoms of fatigue and tiredness and dismiss them as being nothing significant – continuing with their daily routine of going to work and perhaps even working out. If you find yourself in such a situation, it is important to not ignore the signs given out by your body. In such times, it is very important to rest and sleep well.

Covid toes

Dermatologists have gone on to observe and report purple lesions on the feet as well as on the hands of some patients that have had the virus. Such lesions have often been found in asymptomatic children as well as young adults – and they may be itchy or painful.

Severe Covd-19 infection might increase the tendency for blood to clot – and hence depriving the skin of blood flow as well as leading to purple skin lesions. Subtle differences in appearances go on and provide doctors with clues so as to differentiate causes of purple skin lesions in association with Covd-19 infection.

Pink eye 

If in recent times you’ve suffered from pink eye, then it might just be because of the coronavirus. In a bid to protect oneself from the dangers, some experts have gone on to recommend contact lens wearers to switch to glasses during the pandemic. 

Diarrhea or Nausea 

Something as common as diarrhea or nausea might be an indicator that you have already had Covd-19. In more recent studies it has been concluded that digestive issues were more common in those with Covd-19 than what we had previously thought. 

Fever spike 

The fever spike that might have ended up crediting due to the changing weather too might be one of the major signs that you have already contracted the coronavirus. Indeed in accordance with what the World Health Organization has gone on to suggest, 87.9% of the laboratory confirmed cases of the coronavirus reported a fever – hence making it the far most common symptom. 


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