In recent times, the Customs Department, in collaboration with the Customs Intelligence Department, has initiated a colossal operation aimed at dismantling clandestine warehouses harboring smuggled goods and uncovering secret illegal storages. The operation extends to pumping stores housing illicit petroleum products, uncovering a hidden underbelly of criminal activities that have long plagued the nation.

A Bold Step Against Smuggling

The government has taken a definitive stance against smuggling, offering unwavering support to law enforcement agencies and empowering the Customs Intelligence Department to lead the charge. This operation is unique in its approach, focusing not on small tankers or vehicles carrying petroleum products but on intelligence-based raids targeting warehouses and secret illegal storages housing these illicit commodities.

A Unified Front Against Smugglers

Recognizing the constraints of a limited workforce, a pioneering strategy has been devised. The Customs Intelligence Department will be bolstered with the full support of law enforcement agencies, forging a unified front against smugglers. This partnership entails law enforcement agencies providing armed personnel to the Customs Intelligence Department, escalating the efforts to combat smuggling effectively.

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Action Unveiled: Lahore’s Success Story

One of the notable achievements of this operation was witnessed in Lahore, where the Customs Intelligence Department executed a raid on a secret illegal storage and pumping site for petroleum products in Sheikhupura, valued at a staggering Rs. 348 million. In this daring operation, officers seized an impressive 1.05 million liters of petrol, which included a mixture with Solvent/Spirit, valued at Rs. 313 million. Additionally, 100,000 liters of diesel, worth Rs. 35 million, were successfully retrieved.

The Shah Alam Market and Railway Station I Operation

The crackling momentum of this operation continued as it targeted smugglers operating in Shah Alam Market and Railway Station I, Lahore. The investigation unearthed massive quantities of smuggled items with an estimated worth of Rs. 365,291,495. The seized items included a variety of contraband, comprising cigarettes worth Rs. 262,489,572, betel nuts worth Rs. 6,345,679, vape kits worth Rs. 75,915,786, vape flavors worth Rs. 7,060,551, and Indian tobacco products worth Rs. 8,981,023.

The crackdown on smuggling operations is gaining traction, making a resounding statement against the perpetrators of these illegal activities.


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