The display features of the Honor Pad V8 Pro have been officially teased

The display features of the Honor Pad V8 Pro have been officially teased
The display features of the Honor Pad V8 Pro have been officially teased

China will launch the Honor Pad V8 Pro on December 26. This device is a high-end tablet that will replace the Honor Pad V7 Pro on the market in the near future.

For the last few days, the brand has been teasing the features of this device in an attempt to get your attention. In today’s teaser, we are talking about the product’s display. Let’s check them out and see what they have to offer.

It has been revealed by Honor that the forthcoming Honor Pad V8 Pro will come with a 2.5K display, according to Honor. There will be an eye fatigue protection panel on the panel in order to prevent eye fatigue. Probably the most notable feature of the tablet is the fact that it will be the world’s first large-screen tablet that will support adaptive refresh rates of 144Hz.

The tablet’s display will measure 12.1 inches as per the product listing available for reservations. In contrast to the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra, the screen will not have a notch as the front-facing camera will be located on the side bezel of the device.

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The device is expected to be powered by a MediaTek Dimensity 8100 chipset, based on previous teasers. Once again, we are witnessing a first when it comes to a tablet. In addition, the MagicOS 7.0 tablet will be the first tablet to launch with Android 13 as well as the first tablet to run MagicOS 7.0.

In fact, Honor has been teasing the release of this tablet for a long time and it is expected to come with six firsts. It is with great anticipation that we look forward to the brand’s announcement of the remaining three, since it has already revealed the first three.

On the other hand, as teased and leaked earlier, the Honor Pad V8 Pro is expected to support fast wired charging at speeds of 33W, as per earlier leaks and teases. In addition, it will come in two colors and will feature a magnetic pogo connector for use with the official keyboard accessory.


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