Google Chrome is making great strides so as to increase the convenience with which its users on Android can have access to the browser as effectively, Google will with its browser, let users schedule downloads “Download Later”. With that said, the browser will effectively be turned into a file download manager.

The feature which has now been spotted and has also made its way online refers to users being asked if files should be downloaded when connected to a Wi-Fi network – or indeed at a specific date and time. While this might not be too attractive for you, the feature represents a major advantage to those users that find themselves on restrictive data plans or indeed those who find themselves having access to unlimited data at specific periods of the day.

This feature just goes on to add to the already rudimentary download options that we have present on the browser. Of course the current feature just simply goes on to ask for the file’s saved location but little else.

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While in fact this scheduling feature is not as of now available on stable builds, you can in fact get your hands onto it by switching on the “Enable download later” flag which happens to be integrated within the Canary build of Google Chrome 86.

Of course as more and more innovative procedures are followed by the search engine giant Google towards its primary browser in Google Chrome, it isn’t too surprising to see it achieving such great feats such as being the most used browser all across the globe – having a massive 60 percent market share. As you’d imagine, this little handy feature will only further go on to support the world’s most popular browser to remain exactly that and indeed fend of some of the competition that might be heading its way right now or in the future.


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