There has been some tension between Virat Kohli’s and his hotel room following the intrusion of a fan who entered the room without his permission. During a stroll around Virat Kohli’s hotel room, an unknown fan uploaded a video on social media platforms showing him strolling around the room. There is no doubt that the video caught the attention of the star batter as he was left puzzled by the whole incident that took place.

Taking to his favorite social media platform, Instagram, the 33-year-old has expressed his concern about the behavior of some of his fans. As Kohli said, he has a great understanding of the emotions of the fans but he is not comfortable with them visiting his hotel room during his absence despite understanding the emotional nature of the fans.

The fan who recorded Virat Kohli’s hotel room violated his privacy

His further statement was that the incident had caused him to become paranoid about his personal privacy, and he was not comfortable with this kind of fanaticism that was directed towards him.

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It is unacceptable for me to accept this kind of fanaticism, and this kind of invasion of my privacy. In addition, Kohli further urged fans not to treat people as a commodity for entertainment, and to respect their privacy,” he stated.

Among the top sports personalities in the world, the flamboyant batter is one of the most well-known athletes on Instagram, being one of the most followed athletes in the world. During the ongoing T20 World Cup in Twenty22, Kohli has been in sensational form, starting with a half-century against Pakistan in the first match and championing India against the Netherlands in the second. In the match against the Netherlands, Kohli batted for over half a century, followed by a 62nd against the Netherlands.

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With his superb form over the last two months, Kohli will be hoping to continue the trend and help the Men in Blue qualify for the semi-finals of the tournament.


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