In the intricate web of government organizations, the Federal Ombudsman stands as a beacon for individuals seeking redress against bureaucratic inefficiencies. The surge in complaints directed at the passport office has caught the attention of the Ombudsman, leading to the formation of an inspection team to investigate the root causes behind the delays.

The Investigation Team

Led by a senior advisor, the inspection team holds a crucial role in uncovering the underlying issues. The senior advisor’s leadership ensures a comprehensive and unbiased investigation, while the team’s mandate extends to conducting an on-site inspection at the Directorate General of Passport office.


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Scope of the Investigation

The investigation will not be limited to administrative aspects; it aims to provide a platform for complainants to voice their concerns. Direct interaction with those affected is a unique approach, allowing the Ombudsman’s office to grasp the real impact on citizens. Additionally, discussions with the Passport administration will shed light on the steps being taken to address public grievances.

Challenges Highlighted by Complainants

Complainants approaching the Federal Ombudsman Office have underscored significant challenges, especially in cases involving passport renewal and expedited processing fees. The magnitude of pending passports, estimated at 400,000, adds urgency to the situation, highlighting the dire need for prompt resolution.

Shortage of Lamination Paper

Recent reports indicate that the Directorate General of Passport has faced challenges recovering from a shortage of lamination paper. Despite efforts to procure the necessary materials, the department has struggled to eliminate the backlog, resulting in an extended passport delivery time of up to three months in major cities across Pakistan.

Root Causes Identification

The investigation team’s findings will play a pivotal role in identifying the root causes behind the delays. By addressing administrative inefficiencies, the Federal Ombudsman aims to recommend corrective measures that will streamline passport processing and eliminate unnecessary delays.

Public Reaction

The delays in passport processing have not gone unnoticed by the public, raising concerns about the impact on daily life. Social media platforms have become a sounding board for citizens, amplifying the urgency for a resolution to this issue.

Steps Taken by Passport Administration

In response to the outcry, the Passport administration has taken measures to address public grievances. Communication with complainants is a step towards transparency, providing insight into the ongoing efforts to improve the situation. Plans for process improvement are underway to ensure a more efficient passport processing system.

Future Outlook

Looking ahead, the article explores the anticipated changes in passport processing and the ongoing oversight role of the Federal Ombudsman. The focus is on improving the efficiency of government services to prevent similar delays in the future, promoting a more responsive and accountable bureaucracy.


In conclusion, the article summarizes key findings and underscores the importance of resolving the issues plaguing the passport office. It serves as a call to action for government accountability, urging swift measures to address administrative inefficiencies and ensure the timely delivery of passports to citizens.


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