Realme seems to have won the race between various manufacturers to launch the very first smartphone to come with a 64MP camera. Indeed in the latest news surrounding the company, it made the announcement that it will unveil the new smartphone on the 8th of August.

One thing though is that while Realme will become the first manufacturer ever to launch a device featuring with a 64MP camera, how the phone measures up to all the competition is a different thing entirely. This pretty much goes on to explain as to why Redmi also will soon announce its very own 64MP phone.

In accordance to what popular and reliable leaker Ice Universe has had to say – Redmi too will announce its very own 64MP device in the month of August, however, unlike the case of Realme, the date for the smartphone coming from Redmi is not yet subject to being revealed. Right now, there is no idea as to whether the launch of the Redmi device will be shortly or perhaps long after the launch of Realme’s device. Though right now, the competition certainly seems to be right up at the top, as in recent times we have seen a lot of posts as well as videos which compare both the devices.

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And so if you are actually planning on to get your hands on the first 64MP quad-camera phone from Realme, it will be advisable to wait a bit longer for Redmi’s launch of the 64MP phone, so that you can compare the two and figure out for yourself which is the better option.

Both Redmi and Realme will most likely use Samsung’s ISOCELL Bright GW1 sensor and while there may be similarities in the camera department when taking into account both the phones, the winner amongst the two will obviously be the one that optimizes the sensor better.

It has also been revealed by Ice Universe that Samsung too will launch its very own version of a 64MP smartphone. It is likely to be a Galaxy A phone – and it should make its debut in between of September and October.


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