PUBG MOBILE will release its latest version 2.1 update that brings K-Pop phenomenon BLACKPINK in the online realm by launching “The Virtual” A fan experience unlike anything else The first ever live-in-game event!

In addition to world-first performance, BLACKPINK will also debut the track in a special music video on PUBG MOBILE later in the month.

Update version 2.1 will also introduce the new game mode called Ancient Secret: Arise, add new content to the Cycle 3 Season 7 as well as Royale Pass Month 13, and more!

This month, K-Pop’s world-renowned group BLACKPINK will be making an spectacular and highly-anticipated reunion back to PUBG MOBILE.

After having already been a part of the game’s team before, BLACKPINK is ready to move things to the next levelby performing in the first ever PUBG MOBILE during the match. BLACKPINK and the PUBG MOBILE fans will unite and make history.

The 31st of August, the striking outfits of Jisoo, Jennie, Rose and Lisa will surely bring out the best in players on the field.

The players can purchase their tickets for free in the game starting the 15th of July. Then, they can prepare with the concert Resource Pack the very next day, which is needed for entry into the show. Beginning on July 19 players will be responsible to bring the BLACKPINK spirit to PUBG Mobile.

If you gift the artists within the game, promotional materials will start to appear The more gifts you share the more promotional materials! There are special rewards that can be won each day, from simply signing in and completing specific tasks.

However, it’s not just BLACKPINK’s latest music that’s in the program. A new track, as well as a special music video, created specifically to be released in conjunction with PUBG MOBILE will be available very shortly in the game as well as their Social media platforms!

Be sure to check back for more updates!

Vincent Wang, Head of PUBG MOBILE Publishing at Tencent Games and Tencent Games said “PUBG MOBILE is thrilled to partner with BLACKPINK once more as we work to build a stronger connection between their songs and the game.”

He said, “Our first ever in-game concert is expected to be a landmark event that will expand the ever-changing realm in PUBG MOBILE and laying the foundation for the possibility of a BLACKPINK return to be talked about for a long time to in the future. We’re extremely excited to bring into a new era for the battle royale . It’s an experience you don’t want for a second!”

YG Entertainment said, “It is very pleased to present an In-Game Event as the 2nd collaboration with the best group in the world, BLACKPINK as well as PUBG MOBILE, which is the most popular games for the mobile market in the Battle Royale category. We hope to also increase the opportunities for musicians and fans to communicate without borders or languages.”

They further stated, “As it is a concert that takes place in the virtual realm as well as the music and performances, a variety of entertainments will give fans a an exciting and unique experience. There are many aspects of BLACKPINK which are distinct from what we experience in the actual world.”

Bright lights will soon be replaced by dusty sandstorms in the brand latest Themed Game Mode, Ancient Secret: Arise is now accessible for players to try. Explore Themed Maps on Ranked mode with either Erangel, Miramar, or Livik and get to experience the intense Sandstorm Zone, which randomly explodes at the beginning of every game.

However those brave players who go into the arena will be rewarded with Scarab Charms that are able to be used to return to the field when defeated, but only one time per game.

Players are also able to travel via the Quicksand Path to enter the Emperor’s Temple, then move through the Sand Giant, and hop onto the Ancient Secret to reveal the Pharaoh’s riches. Find treasures in the area, or fight an ancient foe to gain Primordial Water, which allows players to recover their health and energy

Many Scarab Ruins as well as Jackal Ruins are also found on the battlefield. By solving their puzzles or beating the mummified guardian can bring players important treasure crates.

Desert Merchants are also located, where supplies that offer amazing discounts are available at random locations in the maps. In addition, be on the lookout for Scorpion Crates all over the map that are stuffed with goods.

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The PUBG MOBILE version 2.1 update also introduces Cycle 3 Season 7, with a brand new set of Legendary products, as well as a brand new Season Rewards Points card and an Rating Protection Card that allows players to earn more points through matches, and also protect their current season’s rating.

The players who are enjoying Ancient Secret: Arise can also complete themed story mission to unlock exclusive titles.

New content is available to users as part Royale Pass Month 13: Exo-Genesis which will begin on the 19th of July, and offering rewards, including new designs for the Mini14 and M762. Mini14 and the M762.

In this Royale Pass Month players can also trade in a Wingman finish with a 90% discount and receive Moments cards. Complete missions to purchase RP points for a lower cost if they’ve reached RP 50. Additionally, they can receive a free 60 UC Voucher.

Numerous other enhancements have been added to PUBG MOBILE. These include visual enhancements, improvements to the UI and more.

The PUBG MOBILE version 2.1 Update is now available! Download it for free on the App Store as well as the Google Play Store.


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