The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 happens to be the brand’s latest foldable solution. Indeed while it makes way with a lot of firsts for Samsung – with the introduction of the In-display camera, Samsung has actually added another rather odd feature that has the potential to disable the model’s cameras.

Indeed in accordance with what Android Police have claimed, users that belong to the XDADevelopers community have found a new change that might end up having enthusiasts avoid this particular foldable smartphone. Apparently, as it turns out, unlocking the device’s bootloader will cause the user to lose the functionality of their device’s camera system. Such a move from Samsung is likely to deter people from modding its new phones. And so, all in all, unlocking the Galaxy Fold 3 bootloader will cripple the camera functionality.

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The report further added that unlocking the bootloader will also end up prompting the device so as to warn users that going ahead will “cause the camera to be disabled and may cause your phone or apps to stop working correctly.” In other words, then, users looking towards the prospect of modding or rooting their phones will indeed end up losing the functionality of their camera systems. This also then goes on to imply that the users will also end up losing the facial recognition system too on their devices.

Although re-locking the bootloader will bring back the full functionality of the camera systems, so there is that. In the past, of course, Sony too has been known to employ a rather similar tactic with its smartphones. Sony could either be having photos taken by your camera being terrible or having the image sensors not work at all. However, after the release of the Android 9 Pie update, Sony did indeed stop employing this particular tactic.

It’s fair to say that Samsung has taken a rather risky route in doing what it has done with this latest bit of information in mind, but for most of the users, it’s likely that this won’t be a problem at all.


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