Many smartphone manufacturers and their products are facing a difficult time much like the world rest of the world while the smartphone market too seems to be going under recession. However, in terms of sales, the news surrounding the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is that the device is actually doing quite well – when compared with the first month that the device was made available.

Indeed the latest speculation claims that the Korean company has managed to sell 230,000 units in the month – this representing a massive 56.1% jump from February.

Of course taking into consideration the fact that the phone was available for only part of February – which already is a short month, means that there were far more sale days in March.

One more reason as to why we’re seeing these impressive numbers is probably down to the fact that the Galaxy Z Flip saw wider availability in the month of March. While in February the device was available in just a few select countries, this wasn’t the case with March as the phone kicked out in international markets as well.

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Nonetheless, it’s great news for Samsung that the phone has followed an upward trajectory as far as sale numbers go. But in fact the real test can only be held when the sale numbers of March and April are compared. If there still remains an upward trend, then it will be a major success for Samsung.

As of now, it seems like the Motorola Razr is the closest competitor to Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip and the device from Motorola isn’t seeing near as much success. Of course when you consider the fact that there have reportedly been widespread hardware defects that have surrounded the Motorola Razr, it isn’t exactly too surprising that the sale numbers have been disappointing.


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