The Hydrogen project cancelled

The Hydrogen project cancelled
The Hydrogen project cancelled

2018 brought along some very fine smartphones that proved that companies all over the world prioritize innovation. Of course, this goes on to show the ambition of different manufacturers all over the globe – producing something entirely different. The prime example of this was the Red Hydrogen One – which was ambitious, however, it was all the more disappointing. And while the device brought along with it a fair share of criticism, that certainly did stop the company in announcing the Red Hydrogen project Two earlier in the year.

Now though, Jim Jannard, who happens to be the founder of Red has just gone on to reveal that the Hydrogen project is being killed off in its entirety. The announcement was made by the founder on the company’s very own forum, citing his retirement as a result of health issues.

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He said in the post : “I will be shutting down the Hydrogen project, ending a career that has included Oakley, Red Digital Cinema and Hydrogen.”

And while the founder of the company states that the Hydrogen One smartphone will still be supported, a support time-line did not actually follow through. He also further claimed that the upcoming Komodo camera, which is said to come with Hydrogen One compatibility, will indeed be released in the future.

All in all, the latest developments mean that the Red Hydrogen Two smartphone will not come into existence. Though the Hydrogen One wasn’t the very best example of what a phone could be, it was interesting to see exactly how Red could improve the successor.

Indeed the Hydrogen One was criticized to a great extent, as critics were not eagerly impressed with the pixelated display, the disappointing battery life and the pedestrian camera. However this is not to say that the device was all bad – as it did come with a decent enough design, great build quality, as well as a very clean take on Android.


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