Cricket fever is at its zenith as the ICC ODI World Cup 2023 has undeniably set the cricketing world abuzz. Each riveting match has delivered unexpected upsets, showcased extraordinary performances, and ignited passions and emotions on the grandest stage. Amongst this captivating spectacle, the former South African cricketer AB de Villiers, known for his explosive batting prowess and extraordinary fielding, has shared his wisdom, bestowing his insights upon the cricketing fraternity.

In this article, we will delve into AB de Villiers’ top contenders for the ODI World Cup 2023 and explore what sets them apart.

AB de Villiers’ First Favorite Team: South Africa

AB de Villiers’ loyalty to his homeland is unwavering. In a video shared by ICC, he named his first favorite team to clinch the ODI World Cup 2023, and it’s none other than his homeside, South Africa. With a stellar cricketing career that saw him don the Proteas jersey and mesmerize fans worldwide, the 39-year old’s faith in his nation’s abilities is evident.

In the ongoing tournament, South Africa has played seven matches, securing six impressive wins with just one loss, underscoring their dominance and determination on the world stage. The Proteas, with their formidable team and remarkable performance, stand as strong contenders to hoist the coveted title.

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AB de Villiers’ Second Favorite Team: India

AB de Villiers’ second choice to clinch the prestigious World Cup trophy is the host nation, India. The right-handed batting maestro went on to provide a detailed analysis of the myriad factors that have led him to believe in the Men in Blue’s potential to triumph in the ongoing edition of the ODI World Cup.

“They’re definitely my second team,” De Villiers said of India, “if South Africa don’t win, I want them to win. They’re just favorites because they’ve got an all-around really, really good team. A great team. There are a lot of match winners. They understand the conditions well. They’re playing in front of their home crowd. It’s 2011 all over again. I can see those candles being lit up at the stadium, everyone waving their cellphones, everything is falling into place except for the fact that sport doesn’t work like that always,” De Villiers mentioned in his comments.

Additionally, the Pretoria-born cricketer acknowledged the unpredictable nature of cricket, a quality that has always kept the sport intriguing and thrilling. “That’s the flip side. There’s pressure of what if? Maybe there’s an injury, maybe we just slip up on the wrong day. There’s so many things that can happen in sport and that’s the beauty of the game that we play. It’s not predictable. Even though the odds look really strong on India’s favor, anything can happen on the day. But yes, they are favorites, playing great cricket, there’s lots of reasons to think they’re going to win the World Cup,” De Villiers added.

In conclusion, the ICC ODI World Cup 2023 has taken the cricketing world by storm, and AB de Villiers’ insights have added an extra layer of anticipation and intrigue to this already enthralling tournament. South Africa and India, as per his observations, stand as the top contenders for the coveted World Cup title. With both teams exhibiting exceptional skills and determination, cricket enthusiasts worldwide can look forward to a thrilling contest that will keep them on the edge of their seats.


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