The Instagram Recap Reel 2022

The Instagram Recap Reel 2022
The Instagram Recap Reel 2022

With the year coming to a close, a number of services, like YouTube, BeReal, and Spotify, have enabled their users to take a trip down memory lane by providing a list of all the events that stood out in 2022 for them. Let’s take a look at how you can create your own Instagram Recap Reel for the year 2022 by following these steps.

As of 2022, the app has added new features to enhance the experience of sharing pictures and videos with your friends. In spite of this, there is nothing better than the feeling of contemplating the memories that gave rise to these moments while listening to the music of your favorite artist in the background, as you reflect on them.

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If you are interested in creating your own year review reel with Badshah’s template or any celebrity’s reel, here are the basic steps of how to do it:

Here are the basic steps to creating your year review reel utilising Badshah’s template or any celebrity’s reel as the audio for your video:

  • Go to the profile of anybody, whether a star or a friend.
  • Now, from the reel section in the middle of the three icons, select the reel you want to use for yourself (photo grid, then reel, then tagged photos)
  • Choose the reel you want to use as a template.
  • Once the reel is selected, just tap on the right bottom corner to reveal an audio box. This will open a number of reels on the website that were generated by different people using the same template.
  • You should now see the option ‘Use audio’ in the lower half of the screen; press it to open a new reel-creation window.
  • You might then begin editing and adding clips and photos of your choice.
  • You may select the filter suggestion that appears in the upper mid-section of the screen; I constructed my reel from the ‘2022 Recap by Rihanna’.
  • Once all of the photos have been put to the reel, click ‘Edit clips’ to change the duration of the films and photographs you’ve chosen. You may also add transitions to your photographs that you believe would suit nicely in your reel.
  • After you’ve modified the transition and image/video time, click next, and you can now enter the caption.
    After you’ve inserted the caption, simply touch ‘Share,’ and you’re done.
  • Users may select one of three templates from which to create their recap reel: photographs, videos, or memories from their Instagram stories.

With the in-app functionality, users can choose from four templates that best suit their Instagram recap reel. In 2022, one of these four artists will narrate your review reel: Bad Bunny, Priah Ferguson, DJ Khaled, and Badshah.


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