The iPhone 12 won’t be arriving with a 120Hz display

Apple iPhone 12 series

As the launch for the Apple iPhone 12 nears, more and more details with regards to Apple’s up and coming flagship devices are now making their way online. In the latest developments making their way, a well-known analyst in Ming-Chi Luo has gone on to shed some light on the display of the phone.

He has gone on to claim that the iPhone 12 won’t be making its way with the support for a 120Hz refresh rate display and the reason behind this has been said to be for the sake of battery life. The same analyst though has said that the 120Hz panel could be there in the 2022 iPhone models.

Moreover, the analyst also claimed that the 6.1-inch and 6.7-inch models of the iPhone 12 will feature with the same notch that was found on the iPhone 11 models. However, the 5.4-inch variant will feature with a slightly narrow notch so as to show more information on the screen at the top edges.

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Of course it has also been well established that all the models that will make their way within the Apple iPhone 12 series will feature with the support of 5G connectivity. It has also been further said by the same analyst that there will be two versions of each model within the series. Initially, the sub-6Hz models will be available within the market space, and later, models that will have the support for sub-6Ghz-plus mmWave will go on sale.

The tech giant of course has already gone on to confirm that the iPhone 12 models that will launch this year will be available “a few weeks later.” There happen to be several reports present which claim that the new iPhones will go on sale starting next month.


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