In the world of smartphones, Apple’s iPhone has always been synonymous with innovation and cutting-edge technology. However, the release of the iPhone 15 has been marred by a series of hitches for the tech giant. The latest concern that has come to light is image retention, commonly referred to as ‘burn-in.’ This issue has raised eyebrows among users, as it results in ghostly images lingering on the screen.

Understanding Image Retention or ‘Burn-In’

What is Image Retention?

Image retention, often known as ‘burn-in,’ is a phenomenon commonly associated with OLED panels. It occurs when the contents on a screen remain static for extended periods, leaving a permanent imprint of the displayed elements. Historically, this has been a concern, but advances in OLED technology have made it less prominent in recent years.

A Changing Landscape

The evolution of OLED screens and devices has significantly mitigated the risk of image retention. In the past, it was a prevalent issue, but modern technology has largely solved this problem. However, it seems that the release of the iPhone 15 Pro Max has brought this issue back into the spotlight.

Reports of Image Retention with the iPhone 15 Pro Max

Not a Common Issue

While image retention is not a widespread problem, some users have reported experiencing burn-in issues with their new iPhone 15 Pro Max. Similar reports have emerged from various sources, including Phandroid and discussions on platforms like Reddit, X (previously known as Twitter), and Apple’s official community forums.

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Primarily Affecting the iPhone 15 Pro Max

Presently, it appears that this issue primarily afflicts the iPhone 15 Pro Max, but the extent of its prevalence remains somewhat uncertain. Images shared online suggest that the ‘burn-in’ problem can potentially occur with any type of screen, leading to ghostly keyboards and persisting home screen icons observed on the displays.

Apple’s Response

Replacement for Affected iPhones

The good news for affected iPhone users is that Apple has taken action to address this issue. They are replacing all affected iPhones, ensuring that customers do not have to endure the inconvenience of ghostly images on their screens. However, it’s important to note that this replacement might not be possible for iPhone owners in certain regions, such as Pakistan.

Apple’s Official Statement

As of now, Apple has not officially acknowledged the image retention issue. It is possible that this problem is only affecting a small number of iPhone units globally, which is often the case with such issues.


The release of the iPhone 15 Pro Max has been a subject of concern due to the reemergence of image retention problems. While not a widespread issue, it has been reported by some users, primarily with the iPhone 15 Pro Max. Apple has responded promptly by offering replacements for affected devices. However, it’s crucial to keep an eye on developments, especially if you are experiencing similar issues with your iPhone.


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