The iPhone turned into a car key?

The iPhone turned into a car key?
The iPhone turned into a car key?

Apple is major member of the car Connectivity Consortium, which on Monday proceeded on to unveil a rather new version of its very own system in an attempt to enable phones to act as digital keys. The iPhone turned into a car key.

This comes after a report came back in February when it was actually claimed that the tech giant was looking forward to add this particular feature to its latest OS in the iOS 14.

Due to the fact that Apple is actually a charter member of the CCC standard group, the company has a place within its board of directors. Other members amongst this board in particular include the likes of Samsung, as well as LG, BMW, Honda, Hyundai and more.

Considering the fact that Apple is indeed part of this consortium, only more weight is added to the previous leak which had actually details of a Carkey API in iOS 14 – the version of the iPhone operating system which is expected to there in autumn of this year.

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It is expected that such digital keys will be making an appearance in the Wallet app – however, one would have to imagine that they will also have the option so as to being transferred to an Apple Watch.

It is the goal of CCC that it provides pretty much the same features as well as the same levels of security and privacy that keys currently go on to, however, doing all this as well as going on to provide some additional features. One of these additional features includes making it easier to share virtual car keys with family, friends or co-workers.

The President of the CCC in Mahfuzur Rahman has been recently quoted to have said : “I’m excited about the Digital Key ecosystem that is emerging where using your smartphone as you car key becomes as common as using that same phone as you go-to camera is today.”


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