The James Bond film’s Aston Martin sells for nearly $3 million

The James Bond film's Aston Martin sells for nearly $3 million

A model of an Aston Martin DB5 used for the stunts in the James Bond blockbuster No Time to Diesold for more than $3 million in auction on Wednesday Christie’s Auction House Christie’s claimed.

The proceeds of the auction that raised PS2.92 millions ($3.18 million) to be donated to charities, as well as the receipts for the auction of the other 24 lots at auction during a sale of objects that will mark 60 years since the death of the 007.

The replica is fitted with imitation machine guns mounted behind the headlights. Another 35 lots are for auction on the internet through October 5.

This replica legendary Aston car, one out of the eight specifically designed and built for the 2021 film will be the one and only DB5 stunt car that is put on the market through Aston Martin and EON productions According to Christie’s.

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Other items for sale include an autographed No Time to dieclapperboard priced at an range of 5,000-7,000 pounds and costumes worn by cast members , such as Rami Malek as the villain Safin as well as Lashana Lynch as the 007 agent Nomi.

A variety of costumes used by Craig during his final appearance as Bond include an outfit that was tactical to his final appearances. The estimated price of between 15,000 and 20,000 pounds.

There are additional vehicles, watches, and costumes, as along with props from various Bond films.

The proceeds generated by the sixty years of James Bondauctions, with around 60 lot, are expected to be donated to various charitable organizations.

There are a variety of events planned to commemorate the occasion as Bond fans speculate about who will play the next Bond.

“Well, right now we’re not thinking about the next chapter yet, we’re just celebrating the release of No Time to Die and our 60th anniversary,” producer Michael G. Wilson told Reuters.

“And I think when this is over by the end of this year, next year we’ll start to think about where do we go from here.”


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