Ever since the first trailer dropped, there is has been a lot of hype around the Joker. The approach that the director was about to take was a risky one and could have been a hit or a miss. However, with the stellar cast led to Joaquin Phoenix it was very difficult to not be impressed by the movie. The critics have hailed the impressive performance and Joker could be on for some big awards this time. Joker releases in venice film festival.

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Set in Gotham in the early 1980s, one thing stands out how the depiction of how the character Joker, came into being has evolved over the years. Initially with the first Joker movie coming out in late 1980s, the Joker became the Joker when acid was thrown at this face. However, now in 2019 all that the director did was throw the character into the society and he became the joker through the lack of empathy that the society had for him. This paints a true but a rather grim picture of how the modern society is and how we are involving into selfish human beings with no regards for the rest of humankind. It is a psychological thriller and is the perfect genre for the Joker has the movie shows how he gets tired of the daily beatings by the society has no one or nothing to look forward to. The little details have brought Joker a long way, with the incredible thin body to the misplaced laugher which is so masterfully executed as it shows the pain that is hidden behind the laugh.

Set to officially release on October 4 in cinemas this is a visual masterpiece and the evolution of joker that it follows is one to look out for and one to be ashamed of for us, as a society.

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