Microsoft has now offered Windows 10 users a workaround to a problem that been discovered in the middle of July update.

It’s the version KB5015807 that was released on July 12, and contains OS versions 19042.1826, 19043.1826, and 19044.1826 each has a bug that affects printers attached to computers that run Windows 10. After installing the update it is possible to see several printers listed even if you have only one item.

OnMSFT discovered that duplicate printer listings show on computers as various options for the same names for printers or alternative names, like “Copy1,” making it difficult to determine which one is the correct printer.

Microsoft’s changelogs that accompany this update explain that “normal printing of printers could be interrupted, which could result in an inability to print.”

The issue also affects also the Windows 10 KB5014666 preview version that was released on June 28, and includes OS Versions 19042.1806, 19043.1806, and 19044.1806.

Microsoft states that it is currently trying to determine the primary reason for this issue and is expected to release an update to fix the issue. The workaround to fix this issue is to locate manually the printers that were duplicated as a result of the update. OnMSFT stated that Microsoft did not offer any specifics regarding how to accomplish however they did say that you can locate the printers within the Bluetooth and devices tab in the Settings application.

The publication did , however, come up with an option to disable additional printers. In the Bluetooth and devices section you will be able to determine if you have multiple printers and test them all by printing something using your control panel.

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The issue is that duplicate printers with defects could not print with printer applications on Windows 10, so printing test pages in the control panel will aid in identifying and deleting the printers that aren’t functioning, and, hopefully, locate the right printer. Use the following steps to finish this solution.

  • Open Control Panel by searching for it in the Start Menu
  • Switch the view to be viewing your content by the category.
  • Under sound and hardware, choose view devices and printers.
  • Right-click on the printers you want to use then choose the printer’s properties.
  • Under the General tab for the printer Select the Print Test Page option.

Another option is to update the drivers for your printer or uninstalling your printer. OnMSFT suggests a stoppage of Windows Update or uninstalling the update that caused the glitch.

It is hoped that Microsoft will keep its pledge to fix this problem. The company’s security update in June was forced to fix the critical security vulnerability that was zero day known as Follina (CVE-2022-30190) that was not considered a serious issue initially, and Microsoft only provided solutions at the time it first became apparent.

The security flaw originated in Microsoft’s Microsoft Support Diagnostic Tool (MSDT) that is associated to Microsoft Office and Microsoft Word. It was exploited multiple times by hackers who targeted the Tibetan diaspora, as well as U.S. and E.U. agencies of the government before Microsoft came in with a permanent solution.


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