There is a new generation of Legion gaming notebooks from Lenovo that is now warming up. Earlier this morning, Lenovo Legion announced that the Legion Y9000P 2023 series notebooks can support 140W portable fast charging, which can achieve 92% of the frame rate of the original adapter used for the Legion Y9000P 2023 series notebooks.

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The Legion 9000P professional gaming notebook can reach 250W power consumption and mainstream configuration with 1TB solid state drive, according to official data, according to the new generation of Legion 9000P.

As part of Lenovo’s announcement of the Savior 9000P series, the “Y” shaped logo has been redesigned to reflect the new generation.

It was announced by Lenovo at CES that the Legion Pro 7i series of notebooks would replace Lenovo’s domestic Y9000P line of notebooks. With a 16-inch 2560 x 1600 IPS screen, supporting 240 Hz refresh rate, the series of notebooks carries 13th generation Core processors with RTX graphics and an optional i9 + RTX 4090 flagship configuration, which is equipped with 13th generation Core and RTX graphics.


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