The LG V50 has a lot to offer

The LG V50 has a lot to offer
The LG V50 has a lot to offer

It was made apparent by the rumors, and by LG as well that the company would launch a phone with the capabilities of 5G in early 2019, however, what we didn’t know was the name of the device that LG would bring about, but this has now changed : as LG will soon bring us the LG V50, a phone possessing the capabilities of 5G.

With the confirmation of a previous leak, Evan Blass has since then published a press render which allegedly goes on to show the sprint version of the LG V50 ThinQ. The render looks quite legit, and hence, we have noticed some things here and there, which are worth taking note, and worth talking about.

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The upcoming phone is seemingly quite similar to the LG V40. There’s the presence of a notch, some tiny bezels, a fingerprint sensor which is on the rear side of the phone, along with a horizontal triple camera sensor. Another interesting thing to note is that unlike some of the other smartphone players, it looks as if LG would go for a rear-mounted fingerprint sensor on the phone. It wouldn’t be the worst of things, especially when you consider the fact that the more conventional scanners are not only more faster than the In-display ones, but also more reliable.

It was revealed by LG last month that the company’s first ever 5G device would make its debut at the Mobile World Congress 2019, and that the device would come with a 4000mAh along with an advanced cooling system. And while it wasn’t confirmed by LG that it would indeed be the V50 that would possess the features showcased above, it isn’t too hard to put the pieces together.

The LG V50 has a lot to offer

So all in all, the phone actually looks quite conventional, and the probably the main reason for its existence by LG would be to serve as a showcase for 5G, and there’s little doubt in the thought that the phone wouldn’t be good at it. However, there is still the feeling that the phone won’t do that great when compared with the more flashier company’s- for example, Samsung, and with that said, the phone is also likely to have quite a high price tag too, which would probably be down to the 5G factor. How the sales and the success of the phone pans out at the end; we can only wait and see.


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