The LG Wing

The LG Wing

Instead of going with the more traditional route of making foldable smartphones like Samsung and Huawei, LG has actually been putting its focus on releasing smartphones with support for dual-screen accessory. And now, the company seems to be taking such an idea to the very next level as it looks to integrate a secondary rotating (twisting) display at the back of the phone. The device which is known as the LG Wing has been leaked multiple times over the course of the past few days, and now, the price too has leaked.

Indeed the upcoming LG wing is amongst the more bizarre phones that 2020 has shown. But needless to say, this isn’t actually the first time that LG is doing something unique. Just a few years ago, the company also turned some heads as it tested waters with a concept known as modularity. The result of such testing was a half baked “LG G5 and Friends” which did not pan out too well for the brand.

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We can only see whether the LG Wing can fill the shoes and the gap that had been left there as a result of the above mentioned experiments carried out by the company as it will demand a price of $1000. Indeed this is in fact the retail price touted for the phone, which will be arriving in the US this fall.

Considering the fact of course that most smartphones these days start at $1000, there seems to be no issue with LG setting up a similar price tag – and that too for a rather unique phone. The question though for now is : how useful will the secondary display be? Also, there is the question as to whether developers across the globe will take an interest in optimizing their apps for an LG smartphone – since the brand of course is not at all a major player in the industry.


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