The Mate X is still not fully optimized – will release only when ready

The Mate X is still not fully optimized – will release only when ready
The Mate X is still not fully optimized – will release only when ready

As far as the foldable smartphone market goes, the Huawei Mate X is probably the most enticing and interesting of the bunch. While the Galaxy Fold has many attributes attached with itself, it just isn’t on the same level of sleekness in terms of design when compared to the Mate X. Another popular foldable device is the RoyoleFelxpai – known for its robustness, it still is no match for the level of robustness that the Huawei Mate X can boast. And so it without doubt makes sense that Huawei would actually wants to maintain this image in order to ensure that the popularity is still there when the device actually launches. And with regards to that, the Chinese manufacturer has taken upon the decision to delay the release of its highly anticipated foldable device in order to optimize it further before the launch finally takes place.

In accordance to Huawei itself, the Mate X still needs some work to be done. One would have to imagine that Huawei took into notice the situation with the Galaxy Fold – and so it makes sense for the company to take their time before moving into the position of actually launching the device. The last thing that Huawei would want is to drag down the concept of foldable phones even further – especially when you consider the situation that the company already finds itself in, as well as the reputation that it has built for itself over the course of the past few years. Any poor decisions on their end could lead to serious consequences.

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The head of Huawei’s mobile division, He Gant has revealed that Huawei has spent huge sums of money with regards to the Mate X. The company is not at all bothered to release the device quickly, and is rather looking to adopt a “it’s done when it’s done” approach. When it comes to a device such as the Mate X – any potential consumer would expect big things – and that is exactly why Huawei is being extra careful with respect to the device, so that it meets consumer expectations and desires.

As the situation currentlyholds, the Mate X has passed all the required certifications to launch, and so everyone is just waiting for Huawei to get it right. Nonetheless, it is quite satisfying to see that Huawei is not rushing out the device and is actually taking its time to make sure that when it releases – it takes the world by storm.


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