Both the OnePlus 8 as well as the OnePlus 8 Pro became official recently, and they became the Chinese company’s very first smartphones for this year. However, while the focus was placed heavily on the latest flagship series from OnePlus, there has also been some speculation over a mid-range device from the company.

OnePlus last released a mid-range phone all the way back in 2015 in the OnePlus X and so one would have to imagine that this would clearly be a big deal in the world of smartphones – especially for all the budget-conscious fans. It would also represent a great option for all those who perhaps can’t afford the luxuries that are brought along with the flagship series for the year.

When the leaks first came in suggesting that OnePlus might be entertaining the idea of a mid-range device, there wasn’t a name to go along with such information. Many resorted to terming the unknown device as the OnePlus 8 Lite. Though later in March of this year, we got to know about the proper name for the phone : OnePlus Z.

Many had actually initially expected that the device might launch right next to the Oneplus 8 series – this of course though didn’t happen. As far as the latest news with regards to the launch goes, the claim is certainly there that OnePlus is gearing up for a summer launch at the very least.

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In any case though, we had a glimpse of the device back in December of last year courtesy of some renders. Such renders proceeded on to show the phone with a punch-hole display, a possible glass back, as well as what could be a possible alert slider – much similar to ones that are already found on OnePlus devices.

Unfortunately enough though, the renders don’t at all seem to give us any clue with regards to there being present a headphone port on the device. While flagships have been known to ditch the idea over the course of the past few years, mid-range phones have retained it.

Nonetheless, other noteworthy details show off a dual camera setup with the camera housing placed on the side rather than being center mounted like the flagship OnePlus phones. Other than this though, we don’t know much. But do expect more details to follow through as we move closer and closer to the device’s apparent launch.


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