The name for Samsung’s upcoming foldable

Galaxy Z Fold 2

It is expected that Samsung will launch the Galaxy Fold in the next month. Ahead of the launch of the device, we’ve seen multiple rumors and leaks over the course of the past few months. And now, a new leak is suggestive of the possibility that the upcoming device from the Korean manufacturer will actually be called the Galaxy Z Fold 2 rather than the Galaxy Fold 2 that everyone had initially thought.

In accordance with what an exclusive report by SamMobile has had to say, the upcoming smartphone will indeed be marketed as the Galaxy Z Fold 2. The publication said that it received the information from some of its more reliable sources – and hence most of what has been suggested could be true.

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Also, the case is only further made stronger when you consider the fact that South Korean tech giant confirmed to Bloomberg that it will use the Galaxy Z branding on all of its future foldable devices. However, somehow, the news went on to remain hidden in the tech community and hence people simply thought that the next foldable flagship from Samsung will just simply be termed as the Galaxy Fold 2.

Funnily enough, as a matter of fact, the branding was right under our nose as it was also quite apparent on the company’s very own website. Indeed the Korean manufacturer has listed both the Galaxy Z Flip as well as the Galaxy Fold under the “Galaxy Z series” category.Regardless of the various names that have been touted or indeed the one that will in the end be seen, it is expected that the Galaxy Z Fold 2 will launch on the 5th of August along with the Galaxy Note 20 series. Also, reports have been indicative of the possibility that shipping will start in September.


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