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The New PEC Platform Gives Pakistani Engineers Access to International Companies

As part of its efforts to promote the export of services of Pakistani engineers internationally, Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) has launched an e-gateway. A distinguished group of engineers and diplomats graced the official event that was attended by Senator Engineer Rukhsana Zuberi as the Chief Guest and Eric Hahn, a representative of the European Union (EU), as the Guest of Honor.

As part of the PEC’s Pakistan Development Committee, PEC e-gateway is considered as one of the most important initiatives that is working towards creating opportunities and providing resources for engineers across borders.

The e-gateway provides an all-in-one solution for international companies to engage qualified and registered Pakistani engineers and firms for their business needs by allowing them to engage them through a single point of contact. Moreover, it offers a new avenue for business development and the export of the best talents of Pakistani engineers to other parts of the world.

It is important to note that the Washington Accord laid the groundwork for Pakistani engineers to be recognized as professionally accredited and provide their services in member countries of the Washington Accord, and the PEC e-gateway is an important step in this direction.

In order to promote local engineering talent on the international market through coordinated efforts of overseas engineers, the PEC e-gateway has been launched with the objective of minimalizing the brain drain at the national level through the promotion of local engineering talent on the international market.

Engineer Mir Masood Rashid, Advisor to the Chairman of PEC, welcomed all of the distinguished guests from academia, industry, and the diplomatic corps. It was emphasized by him that such platforms are necessary considering the economic challenges that Pakistan faces today.

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Our company, “PEC e-gateway” offers the services of professional and competent engineers who are capable of giving consultancy and economical business solutions that will be useful in terms of both commercial success and sustainability.

In his remarks, Engineer Lt. Gen. (r) Moazzam, Rector of NUTECH University, appreciated the efforts that have been made by PEC and its PPDC committee to launch a platform that will elevate the engineering community to a new era through the development of a next-generation engineering platform. The biggest challenge that engineers face today is a lack of jobs; such initiatives will be able to fill these gaps in the market that have been created by the current economic climate. Other initiatives of PPDC were also appreciated by him, especially the CAPSTONE EXPO, which had the effect of motivating members of the engineering community to work on projects that are commercially viable.

Engineer Rukhsana Zuberi from the Engineering community highlighted that it is important to take this step in order to facilitate the networking opportunities in the IT industry as well as to utilize them to their fullest potential. As of today, Pakistan is facing challenges due to a lack of engineering jobs in the industry and economy that will allow them to play a much bigger role in the economy and industry if more platforms are provided in a similar way.

It was her wish that all stakeholders would contribute to the success of this platform by contributing their knowledge and skills. Currently, the energy sector is lagging and the private sector’s involvement is imperative to address the challenges related to the energy sector. Her main emphasis was on the importance of innovation and collaboration in driving Pakistan forward as well as on the importance of reaching out to foreign markets to export engineering services.

As she described PEC as a catalyst institute that is working on the sustainability of the engineering industry in Pakistan by strengthening the engineering community as well as launching an e-procurement system of local engineering consulting services for export to other countries.

Engineer Muhammad Najeeb Haroon, Chairman of PEC, pointed out that current economic crises are a direct result of the lack of interaction between respective stakeholders, especially the engineers, who have a vital role to play in an economy’s growth.  The stakeholder community has a responsibility to provide a forum where engineers can exercise their responsibilities as front-line think tank soldiers in order to fulfill their responsibilities. As a country, Pakistan must find out-of-the-box solutions, to innovate, and take advantage of reverse engineering in order to emerge from this economic crisis.  The first task is to increase foreign exchange earnings, and the second task is to reduce imports by localizing the industry, both of which are core jobs that need to be done as a priority. In my opinion, this platform is one of the steps toward it, but there are many more steps to take if we are to achieve our goals.

The Governing Body Member, Engineer Jawad Gillani, thanked all those who participated in the conference, including diplomats, industrialists, and academicians. Several engineers, including Engineer Dr. Nasir Mehmood Khan (Registrar of PEC), Engineer Sardar Ali Khan (GB), Engineer Amir Zameer Ahmed Khan (GB), Engineer Naveed Ramzan (GB), Engineer Dr. Engineer Dr. Riffat Asim Pasha, Engineer Inayat Ullah Babar (GB), Dr. Shaikh Zahoor Sarwar (GB), Engineer Imran Khan Cheema (GB), Engineer Nifasat Raza (GB), attended the inauguration ceremony together with different industry delegates, diplomats and honorable guests from academia.


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