When it comes to being one of the top car manufacturers in Pakistan, Suzuki has made its fair share of sales and although there was a dark period with no new car models whatsoever, Suzuki has revived itself and has introduced some competitive cars to tackle Honda and Toyota dominance in the Pakistani market. Additionally, the influx of Japanese cars didn’t help Suzuki’s case either and now Suzuki has to do something to get back into the game after making the bold decision of discontinuing Mehran in April of this year.

Enters the 660CC new Alto 2019!

Alto has been in the shadows of the greatly popular and iconic Mehran but this could be the time where it got a little spotlight of its own. The old Alto is… old now, and a refresh was long overdue. So with this new introduction by Suzuki, better late than never.

The new Alto is the first 660CC car to be locally manufactured and emphasizes on compactness and fuel efficiency. The boxy design helps to be give it a sleeker look, one which shows off how modern hatchbacks are being made. Not a lot of curves and not a lot of beauty here is as well but it is a new look nevertheless. Some of the highlights include:

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Dual Front SRS Airbags

Anti-lock Braking System

keyless Entry with immobilizer

Electronic Power Steering

Electric Windows

Electrically Adjustable Retractable Side view mirrors

Touch screen with multimedia options

Mirroring option

The pricing for the new models is as follows:

  • VX: 999,000
  • VXR: 1,101,000
  • VXL AGS: 1,295,000

This comes to show that long gone are the days when such cars would be near the Rs5 Lakh mark rather than coming around at 9 to 12 Lakhs. This might be a hard sell with all the market competitors especially the new United Bravo which has shown quite a lot of promise and seems to be more attracting than this Suzuki one, however, Suzuki has established itself as a trustworthy brand and this is evident with the 3 year warranty that Suzuki includes. All-in-all Suzuki has brought something new to the market and only time will tell how big of a success it really is.


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