The OnePlus Nord Keyboard Design Leaks: Aluminum Body and Rotary Knob

The OnePlus Nord Keyboard Design Leaks: Aluminum Body and Rotary Knob
The OnePlus Nord Keyboard Design Leaks: Aluminum Body and Rotary Knob

As part of its launch of its OnePlus 11 5G smartphone, OnePlus will be launching its first keyboard in February. As part of the “OnePlus Featuring” lineup, which is a collection of products that have been developed in collaboration with other companies, this keyboard has been developed in collaboration with Keychron, and is part of the “OnePlus Featuring” collection. Last, but not least, a design for the keyboard has been leaked online.

The design of the OnePlus Nord Keyboard is revealed in the live image

It has been confirmed that OnePlus will soon launch its first keyboard in India and other markets around the world. In recent weeks, the company has been teasing a few features and design elements of the keyboard. Now, The design of the keyboard has leaked. Recent leaks indicate that the keyboard, which is expected to be called the “OnePlus Nord Keyboard,” will come in a sleek and modern design, with a durable and lightweight aluminium and plastic body that will offer an impressive level of durability and performance.

On the right side of the keyboard, there will be a rotary encoder knob which can be used to control the volume or navigate through the media playback, and there will not be any dedicated numeric keys on the right side of the keyboard. As a standout feature of the OnePlus Nord Keyboard, it is able to work with both Windows and Mac platforms, making it compatible with multiple operating systems. As a result of this, users will be able to switch between different devices and platforms with no issue regarding compatibility, allowing them to easily switch from one to the other.

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Furthermore, the keyboard is also Bluetooth 5.2 compatible, which will ensure that the connection with compatible devices will be stable and reliable no matter what. It is important to note that in addition to this, the keyboard will feature both USB Type-C and USB Type-A ports, which should make it easier to connect it to a variety of peripherals and devices. It will also be possible to use the OnePlus Nord Keyboard both wirelessly and wiredly, depending on the user’s preference, as OnePlus has designed the keyboard to also be usable in both modes. Consequently, users will have the option of choosing between the convenience of a wireless connection and the faster data transfer speeds and lower latency of a wired connection in terms of convenience and convenience.

There is no official information regarding the price of the OnePlus Nord Keyboard in India, but it is expected that the keyboard will be priced between INR 8,000 and INR 10,000 (approximately $108 to $135). As far as the price of the product will be in other markets, it is not yet clear what it will be.

As a whole, the OnePlus Nord Keyboard appears to be a promising addition to the company’s lineup of products, combining a modern design with versatility, functionality, and a variety of customization options.

It will be interesting to see how it compares to other keyboards on the market and how well it is received by users when it is officially released in February.


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