Secretary of the Ministry of IT & Telecom, Pakistan, Shoaib Ahmad Siddiqui recently held a meeting which was between two parties, the Ministry of IT & Telecom Pakistan and Huawei Technologies, with the aim of the meeting, to support the local IT industry and create more opportunities for people involved in the said sector. The meeting was attended by Huawei Technologies Pakistan CEO Mark Meng who was alongside his representatives and in addition, participants from both sides and discussed sat together to discuss the wide range of initiatives which are to take place and by Huawei which shall help increase the overall scope of information technology and telecom in the country of Pakistan, creating new opportunities for the people.

It should be noted that Huawei Pakistan are currently supporting Middle East clients from within a Regional Competence Center located in Pakistan and they have in turn  employed more than 800 Pakistani engineers to support there projects in the Middle East. It is understood that Huawei Technologies and the Ministry of IT and Communication shall join hands and will work together in a bid to broaden the spectrum of support by employing more Pakistani engineers in the upcoming projects. 

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Furthermore, the Ministry of IT and Telecom have already offered its support for any initiative which Huawei is undertaking that could potentially help the local IT industry and create a wide array of employment opportunities for the people. It should also be noted that the secretary for  IT & Telecom had stated  that the government of Pakistan will provide all the necessary support to Huawei and will help them establish a Research and Development center in Pakistan which focuses on emerging technologies. 

Among other things, the Secretary for IT has also suggested that Huawei may build technology centers in Special Technology Zones all over Pakistan and by the looks of things, it appears that both sides are on board on taking the right steps to further enhance their collaboration to expand the range of services being offered by Huawei in the country. The new turn of events should help in developing the IT sector in Pakistan and hopefully if all things go through, new opportunities are well on their way for the people involved in the said sector. 


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